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How do you live the BEST you: spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally? My answer is by living a balanced life. It would be my honor to assist you in balancing, shifting or clearing your energetic system. Let me be your companion on YOUR wellness journey as you set your own personal and wellness goals.


I’m Carol

It is my pleasure to assist clients in the clearing, balancing and smoothing of their energetic systems so their bodies can do their own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

What I Do

Energy “Medicine”

Energy “Medicine” consists of techniques used to balance, or shift, the energetics within and around the physical body. As an Usui Reiki Master, Seichim Reiki Master, and an Advanced Subtle Energy Practitioner, I offer my clients many options on how they can achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Oil Annointing

As an ordained minister, I offer oil anointing to my clients. This spiritual experience is done in a non-denominational technique. Any person, regardless of their faith, may feel comfortable with this process.

Ancestral Eye Reading

What is hidden in your eyes? Using a macro photo of your eye, I look for the patterns showing what gifts, talents and ancestral traits are present in your iris and sclera. Energetic images might even be present in the photo. How exciting to see your eyes in an amazing, new way.


"In Energy Sessions with Carol, I have gotten relief of my feet and leg neuropathy pain. The pain doesn't completely disappear but it definitely hurts less. I look forward to receiving energy work from Carol at Scentsible Wellness Journey, LLC"

Larry – Minnesota

" I asked Carol Dutton to help my daughter with her continued healing by getting to the root cause of her issues not just the visible symptoms. After the session, my daughter had her glow back in her eyes and face! She said she was sleepy, but a good kind of sleepy. Most importantly, she said, "Actually I feel better" with a smile on her face."

Lisa – Minnesota

"I was privileged enough to receive an energy work treatment from Carol about a year ago . . . the results were amazing! I came out of her treatment room feeling as if a weight, that I really wasn't even aware of, had been lifted from me. I had the energy I have not felt in years!!! I also felt an awareness and awakening in my intuition that had been opened that was absolutely amazing. I would certainly recommend her to all my family and friends!"

K.G. – Minnesota

"While you may find other practitioners with seemingly the same qualifications with respect to trainings, as you see posted on Carol’s website, it is the purity of Carol’s heart which sets her apart from all others, in a ‘class’ uniquely her own."

Arielle Nicole – Intuitive Consultant

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