Bill of Rights and Patient Expectations – Energy Sessions and Oil Annointing
Complementary & Alternative Health Care Client Bill of Rights

Practitioner Name: Carol Dutton
Business Name: Scentsible Wellness Journey, LLC
Business Address: 2343 200th Ave., Mora, MN 55051
Telephone Number: (320) 515-0183

As of July 1, 2001, Minnesota’s Freedom of Access to Complementary Care Law (Statute Chapter 146A) requires that you receive and acknowledge that you have received by your signature on the back of this page, the following information prior to your treatment.

Carol Dutton, hereafter, “the Practitioner” has received the following education, training and credentials:

Reiki (Usui) Master Certification
Meta Institute – 2017
5700 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55419

Reiki (Seichem) Master Certification
Bridging the Journey – 2018
623 Main Ave., Ste. #103, West Fargo, ND 58078

Energy Medicine Certification
Normandale Community College – 2018
9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55431

Subtle Energy Medicine – Advanced Practitioner
Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program – 2018 (Minnesota)

Subtle Energy Medicine – ADVANCED Practitioner
Cyndi Dale Advanced Apprenticeship Program – 2019 (Minnesota)

Reiki (Usui or Seichem) Session
Promotes relaxation, mental clarity, peacefulness and a feeling of connection to a higher power or source. It works by clearing unwanted or stuck energy in your body that may be causing imbalances in the mind, body and spirit. Benefits include: decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, increased energy, improved concentration, increased circulation, strengthens immune system, quiets the mind, helps prepare for and recover from surgery, reduces unwanted side effects from medications, supports cancer care, eases acute or chronic conditions, enhances hospice or end-of-life care and reduces pain. You remain fully clothed during a session.
Each session is different. A session can last up to 90 minutes, including consultation time.
Side effects are rare but can occur. A side effect will appear like a detox: vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, fatigue and blah feeling. You are encouraged to drink lots of water, 2-4oz NingXia Red (if you have it), clean eating – vegetables, Epsom salt bath, smell essential oils with positive affirmations, listen to guided meditations and REST. Your body will feel better the following day. A follow up session should be considered if this happens within a few days of the original session.

Subtle Energy Session
I connect with Highest Source, my Highest Self, and connect you to your Highest Self before beginning any energy shifts. All energy shifts are done with the approval and guidance from Highest Source for what is in your highest good. This will give you the ability to live your BEST life with the help of your Highest Self. Each session is unique in how the energy flows for the receipient. I do not predict the future.

Oil Annointing Session
Using essential oils, the practitioner applies drops of oils through the auric fields onto the recipient’s body. Session may or may not include use of light touch, tuning forks (with or without gemstone tips) and/or affirmations. Oils will be chosen by client and/or practitioner at time of session.


Be on time.
If you cannot make your appt you are responsible to cancel. Any cancellations less than 12 hours will be billed the full amount of the service being offered.

The Infomation that follows in quotation marks is required to be on the Client Bill of Rights in bold print by the state statute: “THE STATE OF MINNESOTA HAS NOT ADOPTED ANY EDUCATIONAL AND TRAINING STANDARDS FOR UNLICENSED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS. THIS STATEMENT OF CREDENTIALS IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Under Minnesota law, an unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioner may not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments. If a client desires a diagnosis from a licensed physician, chiroprator, or acupunture practitioner, or services from a physician, chiroprator, nurse, osteopath, physical therapist, dietition, nutritionist, acupunture practitioner, athletic trainer, or any other type of health care provider, the client may seek such services at any time.”


Carol Dutton practices in various locations. If you have a complaint or concern about the services rendered you may contact the Office of Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care listed below.

Complaints: If the Client has a complaint or concern about the care or services they have received, the Client may also contact the Office of Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practice located in Minnesota Department of Health:
Mailing address: P.O. Box 64882, St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
Phone: 651-201-3728 Fax: 651-201-3839

Fees, Payment, Insurance: The Practitioner’s fees may vary upon location of services and type of service provided. Payments can be made via cash, credit card or check. Any checks returned for insufficient funding will be charged an additional $35 charge and rebilled.
Change of Price: Clients have the right to reasonable notice of changes to the prices, services, or policies.

Theory of Treatment: I provide energy sessions based on what your body is asking for at the moment. I do not predict the future. Nor diagnosis, treat, cure, and prevent diseases. I work through Highest Source and only provide energy work that is for your highest good. I offer a variety of energetic healing modalities. The ultimate outcome of an appointment is spiritual enlightenment, causing a calming effect to the soul.

Right to Current Information: Clients have the right to complete and current information concerning the practitioner’s assessment and recommended service that is to be provided, including the expected duration of the service to be provided.

Right to Confidentiality: Client records are confidential and will not be released, unless authorized by the client in writing or as otherwise provided for by law.

Right to Self Access: Clients have the right to access to their own records maintained by the Practitioner’s office, in accordance with state statute sections 144.291 to 144.298;

Personal Interaction: Clients have the right to expect courteous treatment, free from verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.

Other Treatment Available: Other energy services are available to the Client in this same community. These can be located by asking the Practitioner, the provider who referred you to this practitioner.

Right of Agency: The Client has the right to choose freely among available practitioners and to change practitioners after services have begun, within the limits of health insurance, medical assistance, or other health programs

Records Transfer: The Client have the right to coordinated transfer of your records when there will be a change in the provider of services

Right of Refusal: The Client may refuse services or treatment, unless otherwise provided by law.

Right of Nonretribution: The Client has the right to assert the any and all of above-mentioned rights without retaliation from the Practitioner.