About Me

Carol Dutton, Subtle Body Practitioner

I help people experience subtle energy shifts so that they can live a better life.

My clients have ranged from infant to elderly, affluent to impoverished, individual and families.

They have sought my assistance in shifting their energy to balance emotional, mental, physical and psychological issues.

Modalities are customized to meet the individual and unique needs of each client.

My background and experience

I grew up and still live in rural Minnesota. While my career was focused on office/bookkeeping work, it did not give me a feeling of fulfillment. After my husband was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease, I searched for ways to make his (our) life easier. We met an Applied Kinesiologist who introduced me to the concept of energy medicine. From her I learned that I have a natural talent for “feeling energy flow”. With that information my training began.

I attended Meta Institute for my Reiki Master training and Normandale College for my Energy Medicine certification. I have studied under Cyndi Dale, Author/Intuitive/Healer, completing her 2018 Apprenticeship Program and 2019 Advanced Apprenticeship Program.

I am currently enrolled in the 2020 Cyndi Dale Advanced Apprenticeship Program and Amy Gillespie’s Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading training. By attending classes/workshops, reading articles/books and doing extensive reasearch, I am self-taught in the frequencies and healing properties fo essential oils, crystals and gemstones, tuning forks, and affirmations.

I am very Nature-based, but also have a “knowing” that is given to me from other sources. As a practitioner, I begin every session before the client arrives by energetically cleansing the space, putting myself into a state of grounded awareness and calling in good intentions from Highest Source for all involved in the self-healing session.

During sessions with clients, I use words and symbols in everyday language to describe to them their energy flow and frequency. It is my pleasure to assist clients in the clearing, balancing and smoothing of their energetic systems so their bodies can do their own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Client Testimonials

For the last few years, my daughter has been working hard on her emotional health. Lately, I could sense that something was building. A month ago, she became ill with a severe sore throat and high fever. We began a month-long saga of doctoring and missing school.

After a night of her breaking down and crying, sharing with me a very emotionally, hurtful truth she’d been holding inside, her illness took a turn for the worse. She began showing inflammation of her cervical lymph nodes. Two days later, she was admitted to the hospital and intubated because her airways were compromised due to the extreme inflammation.

Sitting in the hospital with her for seven days, I began to think that perhaps this illness was brought on because of having held on to that emotional hurt for so long. Western medicine can help but it doesn’t always get to the source of where an illness might begin. I asked Carol Dutton if she would be willing to use her skills to help my daughter with her continued healing by getting to the root cause of her issues not just the visible symptoms.

After the session was over, my daughter had her glow back in her eyes and face! She said she was sleepy, but a good kind of sleepy. Most importantly, she said, “Actually I feel better” with a smile on her face.

I would highly recommend Carol Dutton, Scentsible Wellness Journey, LLC.



I was privileged enough to reeive an energy work treatment from Carol about a year ago . . . the results were amazing!

I came out of her treatment room feeling as if a weight, that I really wasn’t even aware of, had been lifted from me. I had the energy I have not felt in years!!!

I also felt an awareness and awakening in my intuition that had been opened that was absolutely amazing.

I would certainly recommend her to all my family and friends!



Being very skeptical about all of this energy therapy hype, I was hesitant to have a Reiki session. I was finally convinced to give it a try.

The first time I booked with Carol Dutton, I had a very relaxing experience. I was surprised when I felt strange, unexplainable muscle sensations/twitching even when Carol’s hands were working on different areas of my body.

In subsequent Energy Sessions with Carol, I have gotten relief from my feet and leg neuropathy pain. The pain doesn’t completely disappear but it definitely hurts less.

I now look forward to receiving energy work from Carol Dutton at Scentsible Wellness Journey, LLC



It has been my privilege to work with Carol on many occasions in recent years. Indeed, she is unique and of great impact.

While you may find other practitioners with seemingly the same qualifications with respect to trainings, as you see posted on Carol’s website, it is the purity of Carol’s heart which sets her apart from all others, in a ‘class’ uniquely her own.  (A quality not available through any training of any modality.)

One would do well to work with her and to listen closely when she speaks.  Her words tend to be profound and with many layers of meaning, for those willing to listen.

Arielle Nicole

Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Medium

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